Running with the wolf.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7283

The D'Honaires have had those who have a gift of magic running within their veins. Charles D'Honaire had been the last to have the little something....extra that made him a step above the norm.

So is it with the offspring of the Freds and the Astras.

Charles had an affinity with fire (actually....TOO much of an affinity...considering he was so much of a firebug that he burned himself in a mad quest to become one with the flame).

Due to their of their conception and what they had originally been conceived as, they have an affinity with canines. Not just vulpine, but ALL canines.

Frankly, it was what one dark mage had feared when he looked forward into the future....and actually was seeing the doings of older versions of the D'Honaire children!

Their power will blossom into a vast and broad array as they grow and blossom through the years. Right now, their first talent manifested VERY the hunting hounds from several parallel worlds will attest.

As will the the LARGE, monstrous wolf - a warg by the name of Elf Death - will attest.

Soft cooing from the little one's reached out, and touch the ears of the orc shaman's mount.

It's a credit to this savage creature that she's able to give off a half curious/half dreadful whimper as the magic enwraps her heart....and transform the vicious wolf....into Astra 4's infant's little.....puddy dog.

The wolf still is as big, strong, and swift as it had been before....but not a trace of the vicious beast that had been there before remains.

And thus the baby's newest furry toy and pet bounds quietly into the back of the wagon (a feat in of itself...considering that the flipppin' thing is large enough for an orc to ride). Thus the wolf gently takes the basket handle with the giggling children within her muzzle, and softly "wroofs" at the shocked Astra 4....

Elf Death "wroofs" again, making a slight tossing motion with her head at her broad and powerful back. A saddle of sorts is upon it, and Astra is still hasn't quiet made up her mind whether to take a chance with the wolf....or call out to the orcs to get this crazy wolf away from her and her children.....when she hears Thorin say: "We've....had a bad time of it all on this expedition. I say....let's have a with our guest, eh?" she quickly mounts the wolf and bounds out into the night!

She has no idea how to steer this wolf ....nor does the wolf respond to attempts at steering. Astra just knows that she does not want to find out what those lechery filled words meant!


Diana Walker cuts the transmission to HQ, still stunned by it all....but she had to do what honor dictated.

She couldn't well play bloody Empress of the Dwarfs and and fulfill her duties as a member of the Military.

The little blighters were in such a state that gods (of who she had a sinking feeling actually....just....might be out there) know how things fell out with her Message and being an Avatar to the Forge....

Tarin had taken her aside and pointed out that if she did accept...that the newly reformed Nation of Dwarves (!)....that by her being the leader....with her religious pull being the one the Forge chose as His (Her?) Avatar......that it would be a chinch that the dwarves would do ANYTHING that she asked.

"Capt, ya said ya wanted the dwarves unda they're unda control!" the Empress sighs, slipping further into the English twang she'd grown up with while living on the streets of London Sector. "Ain't my fault that I havta throw in my commission to do it!"

With the assets that the dwarves had....she could help Aqualria really get up to speed.....faster.

Also, Considering that she had inherited a soft glow to the skin....and the idealized body she had always wanted at age eighteen (along with the cessation of aging....according to Tarin.....a REAL big follower to the ways of the Forge).....she now had need of a....hobby. And what a hobby being Empress would be!

And she knew exactly just how to whip these runts into shape!

After all, she might be an Empress....but she was also a Drill Instructor.....

The society of the dwarf would soon be changed....into something new and.....very much like the Military ideal.....



  1. Astra 4 and children ride off into the night....destination unknown.....while her husband and Synizn (along with other magic using friends) try to track her down. Difficult, considering the spell still on her and the kids.....

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