Dream of the Dead City

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72652

Lord Fred walked into the dank caverns, screwing up his courage. He had been prepared to face anything these caves might contain--ghouls, liches, ghasts, zombies, and the Dragon itself. What he was not prepared for was the terrible silence. There was nothing in the cave, nothing at all. It stretched on for miles, growing progressively darker and darker. Lord Fred knew that the Dragon had wreaked terrible things in the land, he had seen the villages it had charred, but now he wondered whether it truly existed at all.

Gradually he lost track of time, as the cave all seemed the same. Had he been walking for hours? Days? He had no idea. It was said that time in these caves was twisted and distorted by all the terrible magicks that had been wreaked here, and some travelers which had come here on quests centuries ago were still wandering now. It never occurred to him to wonder where Tyndale had gone.

But then, after however long he knew not, he began to see a dim light in the distance. He quickened his pace and approached the light. He found himself at a large cavern entrance that opened out into something the like of which he had never seen before.

It was a vast city, overgrown with plant life. A dim light emanated from the ceiling of the cave high above him. The buildings in this city were taller than those of Camelyn or any other city he had ever heard of. They were rounded spires which seemed to be made of gold, now long tarnished. The city was filled with many winding ways, and in spite of himself, Fred could not help but be reminded of the city he had dreamed about last night. No! It was madness to think to long on the dreams one had in the Shreken. But the thought of dreams made him tired...

  1. Fred goes to sleep and dreams of escaping New York with Tarin and Astra--or is he dreaming now and awake then?
  2. Fred sees a woman running through the streets of the city. All he can see of her is a glimpse of bright red hair.
  3. Fred sees a man running through the city, in the armor worn by a dragonslayer of five hundred years ago...
  4. Fred sees a man running through the city, curly-haired and dressed in bizarre ragged clothes, clutching an ancient book...
  5. Unfortunately, reality is still unstable...

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