Who D' King

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72406

After recognizing his problem, a second talking sock manifests itself in Scott's hands. He puts it on.

To Scott's horror, this new sock speaks only French. And it despises anything German.

On aurait dû bombarder ton pays à l'âge de pierre quand on en a eu l'occasion!

Oh, fick dich, du französischer Frosch! Sie wissen nichts darüber, wie man einen Krieg zu gewinnen!

Scott covers his face with both hands in frustration.

  1. "STOP ARGUING!" Scott yells.
  2. At this time, Scott discovers that his boxers can also speak, but only in Spanish! ¡ Estoy encubriendo el pito más pequeño que haya visto! ¡ Scott tiene un micropene!
  3. Resigned to his fate, Scott finds a pair of shoes. They help muffle the hateful speech from his socks.
  4. Try again.

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Ben McClellan

2/20/2018 8:56:18 AM

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