To the death.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7210

Seeker quietly listens in as his ship coasts quietly through the aether of this eldritch realm. Distances from point to point seem to flucuate from one moment to the next, but if Torres can hold out for a few more minutes....though by the way she is screaming in agony while something called being disincorporated is being done to her makes Seeker want to slam in there at tops speed. Speed in there with guns blazing and death raining down upon this person they call Tesla.

In the background, Seeker notes with half an ear that Tesla plans on using a man called Sheridan of some space station called Bablyon 5. Through him he would gain access to a universe where something called jumpgates were used. With a few adjustments here and there, Tesla's minions could reach out into other realms to cause some major havoc! One place in particular caught the angered Seeker's attention. Mention of a world rich in what was rich in a mineral that Kane had called tiberian.....where a recent heavy battle was waged between some Golems and Lizardmen from a strange....alien set of realities. Seeker at first thought they were talking about the world called Terra that the Military had just nuked in order to deny the Enemy it's use. But this was a Terra that had survived...and the Military had gained control and DEFEATED THE ENEMY!

"Good Lord," Seeker swears to himself reverantly.

Tesla planned on invading this "Terra Prime" and spread his iron fist throughout the multiverse with new....better methods of reaching other realities.

That wasn't good at all! Seeker had to stop this...and fast!

Tesla then begins to laugh an evil laugh as Seeker swears in anger when his scanners detect massive warships appear out of thin air nearby. They'd be more than enough to vaporize his poor ship.

"Goodbye, fool," Tesla chuckles through the combadge as he crushes it.

Seeker growls, and makes the only decision he could make.

He'd been running around this realm under what was known as impulse by those of the Federation of Planets and Star Fleet.

Warp speed was impossible without risking major disaster as the warp field interacted dangerously with the aether of this realm.....Creator doing what!<P.

Seeker calculated that it was even possible to cause this entire....pocket univers? to collapse into oblivion.

"To oblivion then!" Seeker grinds out as he forces his ship to do what should be impossible in the Land of Nod.

Paradoz upon paradox builds, straining and crushing the framework of reality.

Seeker's ship is moving impossibly fast.....and not moving at all.

It's moving at a snails pace....and at a blink of an eye!

It is moving slow enough that one dream construct that was to play the part of Sheridan's wife....and a person who'd been assimilated (turned into a thrall) by an evil and highly advanced race called the Shadow....saw it coming. The dream construct/thrall Mrs. Sharadon's mind....or what passes as a mind....interpretes the light and sound of the incoming ship for her one last line in this macabre play to ensnare the one called Sheridan.

She is still screaming in something that sounds like horror (but was only a good facimile of horror) when the ship finally tore upon reality and dropped everything back into the soup of chaos from which it was born!

Throughout the entire Bureau of Celestrial Bureaucracy each and every Rule (beings who personified the inner workings that kept each and every universe running smoothly) pause in what can only be termed as shock!

They had seen pocket universes collapsed before....but never in the entirety of the countless centureies of existence had it been done in such a manner! The entity/ship called Seeker shouldn't have even been allowed to enter into Nod in one piece....but he had. Seeker shouldn't have been able to activate his warp drive...but had. Dozen things should have happened to prevent what had just occurred....but didn't.

The ordinary Rule Entity relied wholly on precedant and proceedures already laid out on the strictures on themselves from the Higher Ups. They had no idea how to handle this....who was to be punished...who praised....and who just fobbed off somewhere else to be out of the way.

Thus, the buck was passed and finally the case was handed over to the one strange Entity who'd inherited some very human characteristics from working where he worked.....the one called 179.

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