The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7199

Astra hesitated. Perhaps at some level she recognised Andrea and didn't want to harm her. Perhaps it was just that she remembered her encounter with Simon and was still nervous of humans.

This would be a very good moment for some of that mysterious magic, thought Andrea, but there seemed to be no indication that anything of that nature might be about to happen. Not knowing what else to try, she spoke to Astra in the same way that she might if endeavouring to control a dangerous dog, attempting to combine friendliness with authority: "Astra! It's me, Andrea. Remember? You don't want to hurt me." Then, deciding that she had to risk taking the initiative, she took a step towards Astra. If she could display enough authority to get Astra to recognise her as her pack- leader... As she stepped forward, she kept her own eyes firmly locked on Astra's, attempting to dominate her. But those icy blue eyes of Astra's seemed to possess almost a hypnotic quality, boring into Andrea, and it was the girl rather than the wolf-woman who was eventually forced to look away.

Time seemed to stand still for a few seconds. Then:

  1. Astra growled deep on her throat, and then she sprang.
  2. A curious old man, clad in rags, stepped out of the forest...
  3. Andrea felt the magic swelling in her again - in the nick of time, she hoped.
  4. Astra fell back, as a figure brandishing a blazing branch approached from behind Andrea. It was Frederigo!
  5. Andrea felt the magic swelling in her again - in the nick of time, she hoped. However.....

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JH (who couldn't make up his mind which way to take the story, so rather passed the buck)

1/30/2000 9:10:16 AM

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