The Smoke of a Distant Fire

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7122

Astra perched herself on the rock she had awakened on, wringing the cold water out of her auburn tresses. She looked out over the valley and noted a particular ridge along its edge. She strained her eyes, hoping she wasn't seeing what she thought was there.

She wasn't mistaken.

Curling out from beyond the ridge, just over a mile and a half away, was a plume of smoke, a sign of a campfire, and of people near the valley.

She had assumed the valley was uninhabited, yet here, just beyond the valley, someone was camped. She frantically searched her memory for what could lay beyond the ridge, and then, she remembered.

The Fens of Canmoor.

The Fens were slow going, and even a skilled traveler would take a day and a half more to reach her. Still, this posed a problem that she had to act upon...

  1. Astra knew that wolves wouldn't venture into the Fens. She decided to await moonrise on the edge of the fens, knowing that it was likely Frederigo had traveled that way.
  2. Astra decided it was safe enough to remain where she was until the moonrise stirred her and twisted her form.
  3. Astra decided to put more distance between the travelers and herself.

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