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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71217

Some random author stands on the gravestone, which had been sculpted to resemble the Mt. Rushmore monument, which Scott had feared and despised.
"I once wrote about Scott punching several nuns in a row." the author declares. He then leaps into the air and keeps on going, never to descend to earth again.

  1. Another random author speaks.
  2. Lots42 speaks.
  3. Ben McClellan does something cool.
  4. Seeker tackles Paco.
  5. Bruce speaks and tells a graphic tale of sex and betrayal that doesn't involve Scott in any way, shape or form.
  6. Josh manages to eat the headstone in one bite.
  7. Mitchell the librarian realizes that the mourners are standing on -other- graves and is creeped out.
  8. Mike Cain, the narcoleptic librarian, is discovered sleeping in the grave already.
  9. Lord Reaibn runs by, covered head to toe in Total Raisin Brain (somehow), decorated with working Christmas lights and screaming about how the Martians almost wounded him with salad tongs.
  10. The cosmic personification of bacon has a few words, seems he/she/it also hated Scott with a blinding passion.

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11/16/2007 11:42:45 AM

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