The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71215

Lloyd gets up behind the podium, which had been stolen from an AA meeting. He spends ten minutes describing the plot to 'Little Mermaid 2', often incorrectly.
One Stan's wife, Rose McGowan (no relation), throws a tomato and encourages Lloyd to talk about Scott.

  1. He does.
  2. The crowd wants to hear more mostly incorrect plot summaries.
  3. Turns out Scott WROTE Little Mermaid 2.
  4. Wait a second, Disney made a Little Mermaid sequel? Is there anything they won't do for money?
  5. Scott punches his way out of the coffin and beats One Stan to death. Everyone screams and flees.
  6. Same as #5, but One Stan is put in the coffin and the funeral continues as if it was him all along.
  7. Lloyd segues into his memories of Scott (mostly true). Meanwhile, Josh stumbles up the aisle and soaks down the entire left side of the coffin with a two minute pee.
  8. Josh throttles Lloyd to death, thus setting a record for the shortest time between a character's appereance and Josh killing them.
  9. Demon kitties attack the funeral, shredding dozens.
  10. Sara Hewitt crawls up to the (steel) coffin, slips a fragmentation grenade inside, then runs. BOOM. No one is hurt but it's now Scott-soup inside the coffin.

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Lots42 (Poor One Stan, I knew him Paco)

12/21/2007 12:31:56 PM

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