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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7067

It was only a quarter to three, so Stacy still had a couple of hours to kill. She wandered into the campus library, which was nearby. [6904] She found the astronomy section, and then the subsection on radio astronomy. Not surprisingly, given that the AOC was on campus, this subsection was substantial. There was a copy of Betty's book, but since Stacy had her own copy there was no point in her looking at that. Most of the other books were highly technical, but she found one that gave a general guide to radio astronomy at a basic level, and settled down with it in a comfortable chair.

  1. She found something interesting about the VLA that she hadn't yet come across in Betty's book.
  2. She got so engrossed in the book that she suddenly realised that it was 4:50. If she wasn't quick she might miss Betty.

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1/16/2000 2:45:28 PM

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