No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7023

"That hot air must have been the dragon's fiery breath," thought Fred, "especially considering that faint hint of garlic. Dragons love garlic."

Fred boldly headed down the tunnel, confident that the curse he had committed to memory would give him the edge he needed in a face-to-snout confrontation. Another blast of hot air singed his eyebrows. Wiping sweat from his brow, he forged ahead. "That one kind of smelled like carrots," he thought.

Suddenly he emerged into the dragon's lair. The great beast sat before him, its long neck towering high above his head, it's fierce red eyes peering at him calmly. Fred gulped.

  1. Fred nervously recites his spell.
  2. Fred's mind goes blank.
  3. Fred strikes up a conversation with the dragon.

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8/29/2000 8:32:50 AM

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