Ghostly witness

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6976

Alicia 3 then looks up, tears coming from her eyes and her eyes fall upon Dragon Fred.

She has a...puzzled look on her face, as if to say there was something here that struck her as weird.

I chuckle to myself, calling myself a fool! Of course not EVERYTHING has been resolved yet! There still is the fact that this shefox had lain with, and was still carrying the kits of this now dragon, Dragon Frederigo.

I sense that she still perhaps......

"AHHHH!" screams my annoying scaley companion, coming out of his catatonic trance for a moment. "They're ALL DEAD!! WE'RE DEAD!!! AHHH!"

He whimpers some more, and then grows glassy eyed again. His tail stump quivers and his yellowish eyes are extremely dialated as he stares at something only HE can see.

I give him a good swift kick in the mouth, to vent a sudden flash of anger. Not only did this bastard eat my corpse....marooning me in this ghostly state until my scattered bones crumble to dust instead of joining the rest of my family! the afterlife Above. It's hard to look up and see such a vision of loveliness, and know that you CAN'T leave immediately to join them...up there.

Compound that with the fact that this scaly bastard's race had been Hellbent on ending all human life (heck....all non-Lizard intelligent life) on Terra....on breaking the Golems under their scaly feet and eating their carcasses (as they did with me).....

No, no love lost on the one called Nine. I just sometimes wish that the blows I gave him actually hurt him! There are ways of magically making a ghost feel pain, I've heard. However, I'm not a mage (more the pity).

I turn back and try to catch up to what I missed as my catatonic "friend" whimpers to himself again.

Alicia 3 is sitting at a table with the two dragons, wondering what to say. Finally, she speaks and attempts to....articulate what she's feeling.

" pledge to another...and love him deeply," she begins, trying to break the news gently to the one known as Dragon Fred. "But....I....still feel a love"

Malachi D'Honaire and her mate look at each other, and then sigh.

"I was hoping that that would go away," Fred says softly. "But Jester take it, I find that we still.....still have that problem."

Dragon Fred leans back in his chair, chainmail clinking as he moves, and looks upon the shefox before continuing. There's a trace of sadness in his voice.

"You know, however, that I don't....can't love you back," he says softly. "My heart belongs to my wife. And her heart belongs to me due to Eye meets Eye. I'm a dragon now, Alicia. That means....I don't look at things and do things the way I did a human being."

"Dragon's have enough commonality between humans to be able to hold an intelligent conversation, dear," Malachi put in sadly. "It doesn't mean that we are humans with scales and wings....though my foray into the realm of that golden vixen which I turned into when my mate saved me (re: 1364).... I have a deeper understanding....have picked up some human qualities....but now I'm more of a hybrid of human and is Fred. However, he and I love only each OTHER, and that will NEVER change."

"I....understand," Alicia 3 says in a small voice. "I love Frederigo the manfox deeper than I've ever loved another....and always will. But...."

"It will fade in time," Fred said softly. "I remember my first love with this one peasant never came to anything because of my and her station in life. I grieved over it for a long time, but I moved on and the world continued for me. It will for you, also."

"At least you have somebody special to pull you through," Malachi puts in, patting Alicia's furry hand gently.

They sat in silence for a bit, only for Malachi to finally break the silence.....

The ghost of the mayor of Panaras leans in, listening.

  1. "I would like to know....however....just what was in aid of you violent reaction to me back on that pirate ship," the dragoness says softly, a trace of pain still there at the memory.

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