Boiling Point

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 67243

Masked men came out of the shadows, slashing their swords at Fred and Diana. Fred blocked their attacks with fierce determination, then beheaded one of the assassins and stared down the other two. "Who are you?! How dare you lift swords against two people just sitting down to eat lunch?!"

"It cannot be!" said one of the assassins. "Its the young lord of Suffex! What a damn coincidence."

"What are you talking about?! Speak before I gut you like a plumed canard for the roast." Fred demanded.

"I have little time to explain, Lord Fred. King Emry is dead, perished not long after you rode for the south. The country is on the brink of civil war. Long story short, the girl you're with is an obstacle to Princess Exotica's succession. In the name of the rightful heir, help us bring back her head!"

"What?!" Diana sobbed. "No, it cannot be! Father..."

Fred realized he had to make a grim choice, if these men were telling the truth.

  1. Fred decides to protect Diana from the assassins.
  2. Fred hands her over so there's no chance he could be declared a traitor and hunted down like a dog.
  3. Fred demands a share of the reward for capturing Diana, then kills the assassins so he doesnt have to share the reward with them.
  4. Fred tries to negotiate "This is madness! We should be united against the Dragon, not fighting amoungst each other!"

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