Magic Swords, One To A Customer

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 64456

Fred was grateful to learn the magic in his sword (all knights recieved one Mystery-Spell-Sword upon graduation) was based in the Fine Arts. All the bees fell, their heads neatly cut off.
In the end, Fred found himself in an odd, new area. Statues of all types and all metals spread out for acres. And jets of water shot from statue to statue. From a pot to a pond to a mouth to a ...ew, ew, ew, who'd make a statue do -that- with water?

  1. Fred looks for a way out.
  2. Fred smashes several statues just because he can.
  3. Fred tries to cut the jets of water in half and does not understand when he fails.
  4. Fred enters the Black Void against his will.
  5. Fred is attacked by the water jets. They follow him. It does not hurt, it is just annoying.
  6. Josh Burbank appears from behind a statue and sings a rude song.

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1/30/2007 6:17:37 PM

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