Sir Fred disintegrates!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 635

The moment Sir Fred decides to ignore his own adventure, he splits in half (oozing Fred guts in a terrible way). The right half of his brain manages to have one final thought: "I cannot follow Sir Paulito's adventure if I do not go with him!"

The left half of his brain, before becoming a gross pile of pink on the floor of the cave, thinks, "Oh, no! Sir Fred of the future TOLD me that other story lines would threaten my existence if I did not become the leading hero! Now, I have foolishly chosen Sir Paulito as the hero of the land, I no longer exist...I have failed mightily."

And so, Sir Fred no longer exists. Velus returns briefly to lap up some of the tasty bits.

  1. Start over and try to be more logical this time.

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Lady Carolina

8/14/1999 9:38:47 PM

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