Shaman's Misadventures

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 62414

Mostly the Shaman just wanted to ride...Fred felt gypped. He thought he'd have an adventure, even as a horse.

  1. Bandits attack.
  2. Several ninja attack, one at a time.
  3. The Shaman tries to sell Fred for a better horse.
  4. The Shaman gets stuck in a cursed valley. Cursed against humans. Can Fred rescue him?
  5. Fred sneaks away and becomes part of a wonderful, magical traveling circus.
  6. Fred makes it Allaria, where the court magicians think he is a horse and put him in the stables.
  7. Toto returns, he's going to pop on Fred's feet some more!

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8/17/2008 12:44:52 AM

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