ANOTHER fetch quest?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 61376

"How many fetch quests are you going to put me through, Belboz?" Fred demanded angrily.

"Ehe, well..." Belboz began.

  1. "To get the Necklace of Cold Love which is in the room of Icy Romance, you need Iceproof Armour, which I can make for you with the chalice of golden coolness. To get that you need to be immune to Midas touch, which requires..."
  2. "Just this one. Go in to that room," Belboz says, pointing, "You'll get the necklace of cold love. Then you'll be able to go up, and get the Chalice of the Holy Moron. Do this and you will get your fireproof armour."
  3. "About 7029, by my calculations." "Forget it then..." Fred replied, and went on his merry way.
  4. Belboz suddenly died.

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