Fred in Heaven

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6112

"Wise choice," says St. Peter approvingly. Fred is led into heaven. Fred has a great time in heaven. All sorts of fun and games go on, all the time. Anyone up in heaven can see what's going on down on earth at any time.

Fred at first was very active in the fun and games up at heaven. But lately he found himself more and more curious as to what was going on down on earth. His quest still lingered in his mind. Ever since he came to heaven, the king sent other warriors on the same quest. The dragon never was vanquished. Fred felt bad that he abbandoned his quest. He went out to find St. Peter again.

"Yes my son?" asked St. Peter.

"I want to complete my quest," said Fred.

"Very well my son, that can be arranged. At what point do you want to be put back into your quest?"

"You mean I can choose to go back to any point in my quest?" Fred asked, almost drooling.

"Of course," replied St. Peter.

"Then I want to go to the point right after I've completed it. No point in mucking around with the quest, if I don't have to, eh?"

  1. "It is done."

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Time Warrior (original episode by Sir Toby)

5/3/2000 1:11:14 PM

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