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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 60840

fred relises he is naked... and so is she. so they are both un-armed. Then she says a magic spell and freds bits of man vanish and appear in her hands then she sets them on fire. And gives fred woman bits. Then she dissapears but leaves a small card wich says You just got womanfied but the wicked wich of the east side. Then all the doors lock and the room fills up with angry wasps. Man eating wasps.there is a ventalation shaft and a small hach behind the fire place. What does fred do.

  1. exit it through the door fred came in
  2. Run around screaming
  3. clime up the shafts
  4. use the small hatch
  5. Fight the wasps
  6. call for servise
  7. Throw all you money onto the floor.
  8. Read the back of the card.
  9. Fred does nothing because he can't understand what just happened.

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8/2/2006 1:53:33 AM

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