Fred Gives Up

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6052

Fred and the troll give up. They turn around and leave. It's not easy, mind you. After destroying a squad of zombies and becoming stuck in a time loop, the two companions finally stumble out of the main entrance to the cave. (Okay, the left entrance).

Fred and Bacon (the troll's prefered name) hike for a day and a half. They reach the shore's of the kingdom and are hired onto Captain Capasion's cargo ship.

They set up a new life as bouncers for the Kit Kat Club in the far off land of Macedonia.

It's a fair life. Three months later...

  1. civil war!
  2. Bacon vanishes in the middle of the night.
  3. the Kit Kat Club is threatened by the local criminial orginization element. Hoo boy.
  4. Fred meets a girl. Awww.

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11/24/2001 6:00:38 AM

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