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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6044

Fred slowly nears the Blue thing, drawing his sword, he gets closer and seels a figure of somthing small and bright, then in relif he replaces his sword at his side, see the ble thing is a floting light. he goes forward and encounters a block was, he turns around to go back, but sees two levers one dial and a button. fred accidently bumped into the button and the light turns into some kind of shield! Fred was traped! he tried to press the button again, but it was jammed!

  1. Turn the dial to the right and press the lever up.
  2. Turn the dial to the left and push the lever down.
  3. Turn the dial right and push the lever up.
  4. Turn the dial left and push the lever down.

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John K.

12/19/2001 4:20:19 PM

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