Mack Truck

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6003

An eighteen wheeler is being driven by Matt Soley, a depressed and angry young man. It is raining in the western edge of Oklahoma. In fact, Matt is just about to cross the state line with his shipment of Spiderman toys when a magical portal opens up. It is as wide as the interstate and glowing a blinding pink. Matt screams and tries to cover his eyes.

The truck hurtles sideways through the portal and into the past. The last row of wheels swiftly smoosh a newt that was once Lord Fred.

The truck tumbles down an incline and bursts into flames. Matt does manage to escape the wreckage but he is as blind as a bat. Two weeks later he is slaughtered and eaten by a tribe of cannibalistic criminals.

So now the story has no character. What shall we do now?

  1. Sit here and twiddle our thumbs.
  2. Invent a new character.
  3. Sue Sir Toby for emotinal distress.

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12/5/1999 6:33:21 AM

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