Dad's Gonna Kill Me

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 593

To the horror of the two other folks in the band, Lord Fred brutally slays the dragon drummer. As the beast crashes on to the rear of the stage, its tail swings out violently, sending the drums flying everywhere. The guitarist and keyboardist both flee the stage as Fred savagely decapitates the dragon, sending blood spraying everywhere. The crowd, having no idea this wasn't planned, is going crazy, and they'll be discussing this night forever.

His quest ended, Fred picks up the dragon's head, leaving a disgusting trail of blood and guts dripping down, and he goes home, exiting stage left.

Homeward bound goes Fred!

  1. The king will be pleased, all right.
  2. Fred is suddenly trapped in a time loop.
  3. The dragon's bandmates chase after Fred, demanding to know why he killed it.
  4. Actually, no. The crowd wants more. A roadie shoves Fred back onstage, and our hero has to improvise something...

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Ben McClellan

2/2/2011 8:04:54 PM

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