Dimensional distortion

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 58197

"We should go that way" said fred pointing toward the northeast passage. Fred and Astra began to walk down to the undeground corridor. As they proceeded down the corrider they noticed that reality seemed to bend the further they went on. After about an hour of walking and an increasing amount of 'strange occurences'(One which involved a flying pig but that's for another time) They arrive at a dead end.

"What now Fred!?" Astra asked, slightly annoyed.

"I don't know! I swear that this was the right way! Mabye we should have tried going Northsouth, or possibly Eastnorth although the Northsouth entrance did look rathe..."

"Fred!" Astra cut in. "Is is just me or is it getting darker?"

"No it's not the light. It appears that rwality itself is being drained away. and tha-" before Fred could finish the darkness consumed them.

There was darkness.

There was light.

There was noise.

There was silence.


Somewhere, off in the timeless expanse of non-existant reality, there was... anything... and everything... every possible combination of things that could be and could not be. There was no physical space - at least not in the way humans would understand the concept. There just was.

In this "space" that was, there was a staircase that went anywhere. In particular, this staircase went

  1. up.
  2. down.

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God10002 (This is my first episode)

11/20/2006 2:48:04 PM

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