A dragon did it.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 57690

"It's the dragon's fault!" Fred's mother exclaims. "An old dragon ransacked this castle when you were two. He was looking for treasure, but found no riches here. Instead, he found you. He stole your magical energies, and would have also stolen your life, given the chance. Our guards forced him to flee before that could happen... Our wizards scryed on the dragon's location the entire way, and marked the location of his lair on the map in your father's study. We've sent entire armies there, but to no avail."

  1. Fred jumped off of the bed and dashed into his father's office. He grabbed the map and ran.
  2. Fred interrupted, demanding: "A dragon tried to kill me! Tell me more!" His mother recounted the entire tale from the beginning...
  3. Many years later, an adult Fred set off on a quest to slay the dragon's son, aided by the king himself.

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