Won-Tolla's Library: The 12 Days of Christmas

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 56477

Mark wasn't quite sure what had drawn his attention to that particular manuscript. Most of the wolf's collection was written on different kinds of paper, so the red paper didn't really stand out that much. Maybe it was the silver ribbon holding the pages together, or the sprig of holly tucked under the ribbon. "Okay, what's this one then?" he asked.

Won-Tolla looked at the little bundle and wagged his tail. "That was a little attempt at writing a Christmas story a year or so back. One of my storyline restarts where you don't really need to know much background. Good choice, really."

"This doesn't have your signature," Mark observed.

"No, on that site I use different names depending of the story. I wrote this one as Partridge In A Pear Tree."

"So it's a 12 days of Christmas story then? Any background I need to know?"

"Yes, and not really. The main hero of that site is a young guy named Jim, with varying surnames depending on the author's whim. It isn't as organised as here. A typical story opening is that Jim wakes up in the morning and remembers it's his girlfriend Sharon's birthday, so he goes to the mall to buy her a present. In a shop called "Spells R Us" that is usually run by an old man (presumably a wizard) he finds a magical object which he either activates right ahead, buys and takes home to activate it there, or buys and gives to Sharon, who activates it. The magic has strange effects usually involving transformation, and is often irreversible. This story is set at a later time after this kind of thing has been going on for a while."

"I think I've, um, heard of that site," Mark re-marked (!). "Okay then..."

  1. He starts reading. (The original story starts on the next page. Only the layout and signature, and possibly some of the options, have been changed.)
  2. "I'm not really into this seasonal stuff, and anyway it's February. What else have you got?"
  3. They are interrupted by Jeremy falling off the top of a nearby shelf. What on Earth was he doing up there??

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