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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 5589

As if the gods heard you, the staircase collapses. You fall for some unknown amount of time, then splash into a pool of chilly water.
You clamber out onto cold stone. Suddenly fans start up. Huge ones, one on each side.
In moments you are dry. The fans die off with a clanging sound. And your hair is a mess.
A tunnel in front of you lights up, blue glowing dashes running parralell to the floor. The walls are dark grey metal, the ceiling is black and the floor is a dark blue, the same color of a girl you used to eat lunch with in high school.

  1. Enter the tunnel.
  2. Mess around with the huge fans.
  3. Leap into the water.
  4. Pick staircase debris out of the water and make a pile.
  5. You pick a long thick piece of staircase wood for a weapon. Then you head down the tunnel.
  6. You yell out for something even more interesting to happen.
  7. Scott Chen and Josh Burbank splash into the water behind you.

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9/18/2003 3:04:44 PM

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