Through the Door, at Last

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 5587

With all your might, you push through the door and feel immense satisfaction as it creaks open. You emerge, blinking into the light. Suddenly, the door shuts behind you.

You are not pleased at all. ~~Great,~~ you think. ~~Instead of being trapped like an idiot in a dark room, I'm trapped like an idiot in a...~~ Just where are you, anyway?

You look around and realize you appear to be on some sort of very narrow battlement high above the ground. Do you,

  1. Tyr and get back through the door?
  2. Go left along the battlements?
  3. Go right along the battlements?
  4. Jump off the battlements and try to end the insanity?

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Time Warrior (With apologies guessed it...stephen turner

12/12/2000 1:02:54 PM

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