Female Cat

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 55164

You are a female cat, lost in the woods. Your original reasons for entering are lost to a magic spell.
"Crazy." you think. "I can smell the magic that took my memories, but I can't remember my memories!"
Suddenly, you see a mouse.
You remember hunger.

  1. Wait. There's magic all about. Who knows if that's really a mouse.
  2. Pounce and eat!
  3. The mouse speaks to you.
  4. The mouse attempts to devour YOU.
  5. Suddenly, the mouse explodes.
  6. The mouse drops a scent-message-crystal and flees. You smell your parents and their fear as they were dragged off into the Night City Of The Darkling Wastes.
  7. The mouse transforms into something between a mouse and a human. Tastier! But you know humans are wily, so you follow from a safe distance.
  8. The mouse switches minds with you. Fortunately you are able to follow your body to an abandoned human carnival.

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5/2/2006 6:10:36 PM

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