A fight for the future

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 551

Belboz notices the fire in the eyes of Lord Fred, and smiles. "You wish to challenge me?" says the mystical Belboz. Fred doesn't answer and runs toward Belboz. Belboz, for his old age, manages to do a backflip. Fred jumps after the old Goat and Belboz unsheds his staff. Bouncing off the wall, Belboz swings the axe at Lord Fred. Our hero used his new sword and slices the axe in half. Belboz floats to the ground and shoots a blast at Fred. Fred got in the middle of it, and was suspended in mid-air. Belboz smiled and sent him:

  1. Into the future somewhere.
  2. Into the Past somewhere.
  3. Rocketing towards the sun.
  4. In a dungeon.
  5. In the princess's room! :)
  6. To the dragon's lair! :|
  7. In the dragon's stomach! :O
  8. Dead in the ground! xp
  9. Floating in heaven.
  10. 3 weeks ago with that darn HANGOVER!

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2/17/1999 5:03:14 AM

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