The Never Ending Quest - Episode 52702

Alicia and Fred were in a Jail cell. Yes, the young man actually had called the police, and the fluffy duo had been arrested for indecent exposure. Which was odd, considering that most of the town was going up in flames from the not-as-of-yet identified hovering thingamajig. You'd think that no one would care. Well, some people did. Apparently, some children who had seen them together as "nature" (if you can call it that) intended. These children would suffer from post-traumatic stress whenever viewing the Disney version of Robin Hood and avoid all cartoon animals altogther. So, what it comes down to is... NOBODY WANTS TO SEE A NEKKID ANTHROPOMORPHIC ANIMAL. Especially me. Wait, I'm the narrator. I shouldn't have an opinion. Do over. Please? What? I can't? Aw crap. Um, this thing still on? Oh. I see. A "never-ending" quest. Ahem. So, some choices...thing. Bah, I need a stiff drink.

  1. Fred and Astra, er, Alicia are cured of their ailments by a travelling salesman. Yes, it works. No, they won't turn back into this shape again. Not in this story path, anyhow. It would be stupid.
  2. They are forced to perform community service...while the village is being attacked by what might be aliens. Some people take their roles as lawgivers too seriously.
  3. Somebody has to be really sick to find a person with an animal head attractive. I mean...ew. What kind of... wait, oh, right. Plot. Uh, temporal explosion sends Fred back to chapter 2.

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10/12/2005 12:12:01 AM

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