The Never Ending Quest - Episode 5000

Suddenly, Fredrigo was swept away from what he was doing...Reality seemed to spin around him...

Fred found himself in a place that could only be described as Beyond. "Where am I?" asked Fred.

«you are in the land of the Authorssaid a voice. «we need you help

"And why should I help you?"

«because if you dont everything will be destroyed responded the Voice. «do you understand your true nature

"I'm a knight on a quest," responded Fred.

«that is only part of the truth think of your life as being one long story, a story contributed to by many people the existance of that story is at stake there is a fatal flaw in the structure of reality we are going to reinitialize reality but everything will be destroyed unless...

"Unless what?" asked Fred.

&#171;< I>unless you recover the six Backup Disks of Time then your reality will be saved you must go to the location I transport you to and find the first disk

Fred felt reality dissolve around him agian...

  1. And found himself at the beginning of his Quest
  2. And found himself in front of the Dragon
  3. And found himself on Deep Space 9
  4. And found himself on the Zebroid Planet
  5. And found himself in Aquilaria
  6. And found himself in Tatooine
  7. And found himself at a Star Trek convention
  8. And found himself in the 10,000th episode
  9. And found himself right where he originally was
  10. And found himself somewhere else...

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