True Beauty

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4952

As Fred dismounts the horse, the horse immediately gallops away, and leaps majestically into the air. As Fred gazes in awe of the magnificent create he had just ridden, the horse lets out a winny, and falls back down to the earth. Fred races over to the horse, and finds the horse was mortally wounded by an arrow. In shock, Fred surveys the area, and focuses on the castle. In the distance, he believes he just could make out an archer, or possibly a hunter, duck behind one of the outside walls of the castle. Fred ventures off into that direction, and finds a beautiful and young blonde headed maiden, sitting down leaning behind wall. She seems to be fiddling with making another arrow. Before approaching her, Fred notices that she is wearing a white toga, brown slippers and is absolutely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She notices his presence, and without being even slightly startled, she raises her head up, and says, "Hello, fine knight. My name is Maria."

  1. Ignore this woman. She is obviously nothing but trouble.
  2. Yell at her about killing your horse, and lop her bloody head off!
  3. Associate yourself with this woman.
  4. Oops, one to many options

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5/23/2000 3:08:40 PM

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