The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4951

"Get off of me!" the horse groaned. Fred quickly obeyed. "Listen here, kid, I gotta take you to the Crystal Palace," the horse said. "But I can't fly within sight of the castle. It's protected by a magical field of magic. We have to walk to the gate."

"Will you not let me ride you till we get to the gate?" Fred asked.

"Hell no, I'm not your slave!" the horse burst out. "Obviously, I had to give you a lift to get here, but that's all!"

"Fine," Fred said, "I could use the excercise anyway." And with that, they started walking up the sloping hill to the Crystal Palace.

"What is your name?" Fred finally dared to ask.

"If you're so desperate to know, then... My name is Tchell," the horse answered.

"Very well, Tchell. Could you please tell me why you have brought me here, then?" Fred asked.

"The Princess will tell you everything when we get to the Palace," Tchell said.

Finally the two of them reached a strange-looking gate. It was a tall doorway wrought of iron, surrounded by nothing. Beside it stood a guard; he was leaning lazily upon a long, gold-plated spear, and when he spotted Fred and Tchell he quickly stood up and saluted them.

"Welcome back, captain Setchellion!" he cried.

  1. Then he opened the gate and let them through.

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