Out of the sky,into the battle.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4949

As Fred flies away on the conveintly placed horse,he noticies that it's going very fast."Woah!"he commanded,hoping the speed-obsessed horse would stop.It did just the oppisite,it sped up,and also started to buck.Fred realizied this was no horse,but a Turgin,projecting the illosion of a horse.Turgins had the body of a snake,the head and wings of a hawk,and the tail of a dragon.The were the spawn of a small dragon and a bird.They were vicious,and could project images upon themselves.Fred realizied this to late,and was knocked off.The turgin reverted to it's natural form,and gave a bloodcurdling roar.Other turgins,disguised as rocks,popped up everywhere.Fred whipped out his sword,and,although he was grossly outnumbred,he heriocly charged them.Suddenly...

  1. arrows started to fly into the turgins from some unseen force.
  2. the turgins turned and flew away,scared of something behind Fred.
  3. Fred realizied how heroic but stupid this was,and ran back the way he came.

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7/26/2000 10:05:25 AM

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