Mummy takes Fred to a More Boring Story

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 49391

Mummy waits patiently until Fred is fully awake. She then gets him out of bed, takes him to the bathroom and gives him a nice warm bath (not too hot, mind - she tests the water with her elbow first). After Fred's bath Mummy dries him off and puts him in his finest adventuring clothes.

Fred is forty-two years old.

Mummy then takes Fred by the hand and leads him out of his chamber and down the stairs.

Fred is shocked by the sight that awaits him.

All his comic books have been dumped onto the floor of the entrance hall.

"What is the meaning of this, Mummy?" Fred asks, trying not to sob.

Mummy fixes Fred with a stern gaze and replies:

  1. "Why, we are throwing out all of your comic books. You are too old for them."
  2. "Your comics were getting too untidy in the study. You need to index them like all the other books."
  3. "Who would win a fight - Wolverine and a hamster or the Green Whatsit and two swans?"

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Eric Kantona

10/25/2005 8:20:44 AM

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