The Mysterious Girl

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4924

The girl was dressed in peasant attire. She was very pretty, and her red hair was a match even for Astra's. She looked about seventeen. "Who are you?" asked Fred. "And what has happened here? I was here not long ago, and the library was much larger then." "Was it?" replied the girl, not sounding interested. She had a thick rural accent. "My name is Zara. Please would you help me read this scroll? I am only a peasant, and so have had little teaching. I am struggling with the long words."

  1. Fred is suspicious. How would a peasant girl come here?
  2. Ever the gentleman, Fred is eager to assist.
  3. Before Fred can decide what he should do, Astra asks the girl why she wants to read the scroll.

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10/14/1999 12:46:21 PM

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