Sir Josh's Tied Up Adventures

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 478

Fortunately the truck was only going three miles per hour when Sir Josh was thrown from it (bad shocks!) and he only received minor bumps and bruises.
He stands up in the middle of the road, now able to see and looks around. It's fairly late and there is no one else on this four lane road. Ahead is a movie theatre, behind is a bike path that swings by Josh's house and the computer store he was just at is down the road a bit, still visible.

  1. Sir Josh hops to the movie theatre and sees 'Austin Powers'.
  2. Sir Josh hops home.
  3. Sir Josh hops back to the computer store, determined to recieve a refund.
  4. Sir Josh is creamed by a Formula 1 racing car.

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I Am Austin Powers

6/24/1999 5:38:39 AM

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