Killer Bunnies

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4761

"Bunnies?!" queried Fred. "These are six feet tall humanoid bunnies," explained Astra. "They are expert swordsmen. They were once human, of course, until they angered the dragon. Now they hope that if they serve him faithfully for long enough, one day he will turn them back."

"Even so," said Fred, "two swordsmen does not seem many for guarding such important prisoners." "I said they guarded the entrance. There may well be further guards inside, and perhaps magic traps too. However, I was not able to acquire any intelligence on them; the bunnies are all I know about for sure. But before we need worry about the guards, we are going to have to find some way of crossing the lake. Those who have legitimate business in the castle are normally conveyed across by magic. That was how I was taken to see that my sisters were still alive. I was brought directly into their quarters, and so had no opportunity to check out the castle's defences."

  1. They find a boat used for bringing supplies into the castle.
  2. They have to swim the lake.
  3. decide to outsmart them
  4. decide to outsmart them
  5. decide to outsmart them
  6. we fight them

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