The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4740

With Robert's knowledge of the seas on the way here (a panel in his cell had bent outwards) and Fred's helping hands, plans for a raft are laid. But simply putting some boards together was not going to cut it. Some of the weather between here and Trigon [1] was fairly nasty. As it was, it was going to be at least a week before the raft was servicable.

Meanwhile, the search for Horace continued apace. They hadn't seen any monkey remains in the lion's territory and the monkeys themselves were acting normal. (They went weird when one of them had been killed).

On the third day of the raft building, Fred is enjoying a quick run on the beach when...

  1. ...he spots a recreational boat pulling ashore.
  2. ...he spots a neat peice of driftwood.
  3. ...he realizes he might be in love with Robert.
  4. ...he explodes.

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12/25/1999 12:20:59 AM

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