Death Becomes Her

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4710

Astra looked upon the monstrosity and had only one thing to say: "Come and get me."

She sprang upward and landed with a thud upon one of the many bookcases sprawled upon the floor. The creature lumbered after her in a half-sprint/half-trot while some of the orcs remained frozen in anticipation and the rest resumed their fight with the dwarves.

The warrior shoved her torch into a wall crevice and quickly placed a few scrolls on top of it. The added fuel helped to brighten what remained of the once mighty hall as well as shine off the red eyes of the approaching orc.

Even as the orc's sword came down upon her she hoisted the dwarven shield to meet the blow. Her whole frame shuddered at the impact. She swung the axe at the monster's feet but it leapt high enough to avoid losing them. Seconds turned to minutes, blade struck axe, shield smashed tusk, claw ripped cloth. The orc came again swinging, thrusting, jabbing wildly and Astra could feel her strength waning. The creature seemed not to tire while Astra's every muscle seemed to be on fire. Sweat and blood drenched the burdened body of the Amazonian warrior, yet still she fought on.

The orc swung his sword again and, even as Astra avoided the steel, it struck the flickering torch dislodging it and sending it falling onto the bookcase. The embers flew into some scattered scrolls and books and instantly they burst into flame.

The battle continued unabated while the flames grew higher, grew hotter, grew nearer. Astra felt the heat keenly, as she did the pain in her belly, the ache in her left knee, the salt of sweat dripping into her eyes, and the many cuts and slashes that covered her flesh.

The orc swung again and Astra moved to leap away. The flames then roared up and the weakened wood gave way and the warrior maiden fell through the burning floor. She fell and disappeared and the orc twisted its head in surprise. Then it smiled, a most gruesome sight, and it leapt from off the burning case.

  1. From within the fiery pyre one last cry was heard and then only the crackle of burning wood.
  2. Even as the orc turned from the flames a yell could be heard and there emerged from the fire the form of the Amazon, battered, burned and bruised...but still alive.

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