Fred Has to Make a Choice

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 47094

"I suppose you are right," Fred said after thinking for a moment. "It would be worthwhile to use a wish for that."

But as he spoke he was wondering if Merlyn was being totally honest with him about Astra's condition, or if perhaps he had some agenda of his own. After all, his own wish that had brought the mage to them had been for someone who was powerful enough to lift Astra's curse, and she had told him that Merlyn was capable of that. Of course, it all depended on how one interpreted the phrase "lift the curse", and maybe she had interpreted making her a free djinn as being sufficient. But there was another point: when he had talked to Astra, their conversation had not seemed to him to be altogether consistent with what Merlyn had said about what her character would be like as a djinn. It had seemed more as though her character was unchanged, except for the constraints imposed by her being the slave of the owner of the lamp.

He could ask Astra if Merlyn was telling the truth, of course, but he assumed that that too would require him to use a wish. He couldn't do that and wish to know what she would want if given a free choice, as that would use up all three wishes, and she and the lamp would be transported elsewhere. [6669-2] Of course, her answer to the question of what she would wish might throw some light on whether Merlyn was being truthful. Indeed, the fact that Merlyn had suggested asking her that question might suggest that he had been truthful.

  1. Fred decided to use a wish to ask Astra what she wanted.
  2. Fred decided to use a wish to ask Astra if Merlyn had been telling the truth.
  3. Fred decided to question Merlyn further before making another wish.

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