The Never Ending Quest - Episode 45315

Scott is taken aback. Regaining his composure, and grinning evilly, he pulls of his own mask to reveal ... Krissy! She yanks off her flesh-colored rubber hand to reveal her terrible secret, I mean besides the penis, the other terrible secret: a mangled, claw-like hand! "So Scott ... you seem rather fond of those balls ... care to go two falls out of three with THE CLACKSTER??!1!?1? <clack CLACK click CLACK cickity CLACK CLACK>

  1. Scott's balls crawl back up in his throat
  2. Scott grabs a nutcracker and emits a gutteral cry
  3. Oh god christ this is so fucking stupid I could plotz

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Nicky the Goth

9/7/2004 3:27:42 PM

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