Spell Spoken Speedily

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 44008

No siree, Fred was not stupid... but neither was he that discerning of consequence. Using the pen and ink which he had found buried next to his right elbow he had copied both spells onto the parchment which he had just happened to find buried next to his left foot. Although for the briefest of moments the thought that it was odd that he found these needed items did cross his mind (in fact the thought zipped across his wet, soggy mind like a camel in heat) that same thought did not impress itself upon his brow hard enough for Fred to even reference it. And so, raising the parchment with the dragon spell he spoke it aloud to the best of his ability: snarf crackel bargerbum drac pinto .

Nothing happened.

Fred should've known better. He should've brought to mind the words of the Grand Dame of Montfort: "Don't you dare use mage-work, you good-for- nothing whippersnapper, it'll come back to bite you in the ars!"

Fred's ars began to itch.

He stood up upon the sand of this strange and unknown sandbar and his ars began to really, really itch. He began to scratch.

He should've known better.

  1. There is ALWAYS a consequence to using mage-work...

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5/10/2005 12:25:21 PM

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