The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4374

The distant rumble faded and the hard working dwarves, along with Fred, Astra and Rift, returned to filling the sacks full of dragon treasure. But soon the rumble came again, closer this time. Tarin glanced over to his mates, "Settling stratum?" They all shook their heads. "Unlikely Tarin," the dwarf named Baltek said. "I didn't think so," Tarin smiled wryly and then pointed at two dwarves. "Sarn, Bern, go check out the passage." They nodded, grim smiles on their faces. Dropping their spades, they hefted their battle axes and passed out of the chamber.

"Be alert brothers," Tarin said calmly. Fred was impressed as the dwarves fanned out across what remained of the chamber, taking up positions in case they needed to fight. In the flickering torchlight they looked ghostly, their armor flashing steel blue as they moved. But the dull glints that shone off of their wickedly sharp blades were very, very real and very deadly. And the only sound he heard was Tarin, pulling on his fighting armor and donning the animal shaped helm that graced the heads of all the other dwarves.

If there was something coming up the passage, Fred didn't think it stood a chance.

  1. and then the rumbling came again...

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