The Man is Scary Because of His Face...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 43151

"Where are you going?"asked Matt.

"Geting away from you, i'm going to go slay the dragon...I don't have to listen to you!" said Fred.

"Grrrrr, now you realy have done it!!! After all there are Far worse things than DETH!!! You Shall go to The Old man's house and suffer!!!!

"That dosen't sound so....." Fred stoped as he appeared in this super OLD man's house.

"And when my wife died back in year one, I cryed all day and all night, yep, yep, yep..." said the SUPER OLD MAN as you ignored the rest he said, looks like you will be there for a while if you don't act now.

WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!??!?!

  1. Kill the old man, HE IS SOOOO BORING, Yes, put him out of his missary, he is too old!!
  2. Yell because he is driving you crazy!!!
  3. Start to hum the toon of Star Wars.

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Matt Lucas

7/1/2004 4:20:07 PM

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