Eye of the Tiger

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42864

Amy hesitated as Fred set off humming into the distance. This proved a fatal error. Amy's thrashings in the plant's tendrils had attracted the predatory attentions of a large tigress, out seeking prey to feed her cubs. Unarmed and half-naked, Amy proved a tempting target.

Her screams reached Fred as he descended a tricky stretch of rock.

"What's that, Charles? You don't like the dentist? Oh Charles, next time ask him for novocaine."

Amy was dragged back to the tiger's lair, where she made an excellent dinner for the young cubbies.

  1. Amy's skull became a favorite toy of two of the younger cubs, while her femur became a hotly contested status symbol within the den. Amy's karmic residue didn't stick around there for long.

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6/14/2004 6:52:15 PM

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