The magical pendant is retrieved...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42209

Within the blackness of the chest's interior, a wink of golden light revealed the presence of the pendant - his pendant. Wasting no more time, he stuck his right hand down into the void, reaching. There was a crackle of post-magical static across his skin and a mild pressure against his fingers as they dipped down to encircle the pendant and pulled it forth into reality.

He suddenly found himself caught in a glaze of breathless disbelief, eyes frozen upon the object grasped in his hand.


Some moments later, his forgotten breath's exhalations were sharply audible in the cavern.

A small, shocked grin broke across his face - the Shapeshifter's stone did not crumble into the dust of illusions when his fist had closed upon it.

As he realized that he might somehow injure it in his excitement, Frederigo released his crushingly tight grip with an unfurling of fingers. The tangible heft of its form felt wonderful pressed against his palm. In the dim light, he marveled at the details the box had rendered from ancient memory. It could be nothing else but than the Shapeshifter's magical pendant from that moment of his childhood. The diamond-shaped face of the stone was polished to a smooth silk, its bezels rounded, possibly by the wear of generations across its surface. The stone itself was a naturally mottled golden-orange hue, held securely in a simple silver setting, almost as an afterthought, for utilitarian portability. But the ragged remnants of worn laces that hung dangling from its hasp would hardly be useful.

Thinking a moment, he tucked the pendant's old lace between his teeth and managed to unsew a good length of stronger lashing cord from the flap of his leather knapsack. After a moment's fumble with the old knot of laces, the pendant was strung and tied securely about his own neck, safely tucked beneath his clothes. Provided the strange box spoke the truth, there was one thing left to do.

  1. Plotting a plan of attack
  2. Testing the Shapeshifter's stone...

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