A Very Expensive Map

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42166

"Fifteen hundred gold!" Fred exclaimed. "That's outrageous. I can't possibly afford that."

"Are you sure? That 'chinking' noise that I can hear coming from your pack sounds an awful lot to me like that made by a large number of gold coins rubbing together."

"How do you know that they aren't silver or even copper?" Fred asked.

"Objects made from base metal - or even from silver - when rubbing together sound totally different from golden ones. We dwarves have an ear for these things."

"All right, I admit that I do happen to have a large number of gold coins in my pack. But fifteen hundred gold pieces is still an extortionate price."

"That all depends on how desperate you are to get a map. Believe me, without one you are unlikely ever to find your way out of this labyrinth of tunnels and caves."

"Can I have a word with you in private?" Alma asked Fred. She drew him back some ten yards and then whispered in his ear:

  1. "I think that you should pay."
  2. "I don't think you should pay."

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