Amy Meets a Toasty End

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 41559

There is unfortunately, no happy and lighthearted way to describe a death by burning, especially by being burned while alive and turning about and about on a spit. The fire would burn Amy's backside and hair, then as the spit turned it burned her arms and legs. She managed to make a lot of noise though, considering she had an apple in her mouth. The leprechauns seemed not to care, being evil leprechauns and all. The little leprechaun children crowded about with big grins, holding up their little empty plates. Their elders chided them to be patient.

Amy went a full ten minutes before mercifully losing consciousness. The leprechauns had a great meal, supplementing Amy with Human Helper packets. They sent a sizable chunk of Amy to Drakenrot as they promised, but the delivery rat ate that chunk along the way, and Drakenrot had to beat it to death.

  1. Amy's soul ascends to Heaven.

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5/15/2004 8:50:18 AM

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