Super Mario Day

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4039

The Nintendo Characters Were Idenified As Koopa Troopas & Hammer Brothers. "We Must Do Something About Those Turtles & Those Hammer Guys!" Lord Fred Said. "Those Are Weird Turtles." Two Italian Plumbers Who Are Brothers Rescues Lord Fred & Sir Josh. "Mama Mia, Mario." Says Luigi As He Jumps On Koopa Troopas & Hammer Bros. Mario Gets A Fire Flower And Turns Into Fireball Mario. While Luigi Get A Super Leaf & Turns Into Raccon Suit Luigi. The Mario Bros. Need Help.

  1. Help Mario & Luigi.
  2. Decide To Join Forces With Mario & Luigi's Enemies.
  3. Call The King.
  4. Call For Help.
  5. Watch Mario & Luigi Battle.
  6. Interupt The Fight.

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1/15/2004 5:52:58 PM

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